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Spring & Summer Potpourri…

Spring in the desert Southwest (like most places) means fair weather and new birds of a feather. Here in Scottsdale, the temperatures are very mild, but the last few days have quickly turned Spring into […]

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Leopard—Under Construction

As you can tell from browsing my web site, I love wild animals…particularly big cats. I’ve recently begun work on a 16” x 20” watercolor of this beautiful leopard. The huge tree the leopard is climbing […]

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Hidden In The Tree

For wildlife, finding food and water in the Southwest desert is a constant search. Over the years I’ve lived in the desert I’ve always put out a little bird seed and watering pans to help […]

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Buckhorn Blossoms

I’ve recently finished two paintings—“Buckhorn Blossoms” and “M.C.”. First up is “Buckhorn Blossoms,” then more about “M.C.” in a later post. Spring in the desert doesn’t usually last too long, so I get out with […]

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Along Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon winds its way through one of the most beautiful areas in the world—Sedona, Arizona. At the bottom of the narrow canyon is Oak Creek which typically runs all year long in a […]

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Jaguar in the Desert

I’ve just completed this watercolor painting I’ve entitled “Jaguar in the Desert.” As a reference for the painting, I used a friend’s photograph of a leopard she took while on safari in Africa. However, this […]

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