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Two New Paintings Completed & More

Spring is over in the desert southwest, and we are now in what local residents call the monsoon season. That means it’s hot, hot with temperatures well above 110 for many days running. Also, unlike our cooler months, the humidity is high which leads to some spectacular thunder, lightning and drenching rains. All in all, it’s good weather to stay in my air conditioned studio and paint.

The results of my recent efforts are seen below. The first is a 16×20 painting of a lily on Aquabord.


Helen’s Lily

The next is another in my series of leopards. (Note: I would like to thank Dr. Eric Gurwin, an ophthalmologist and extremely talented photographer for allowing me to use his photograph as a reference for this painting).

After The Hunt

Other news…

In my last post I mentioned I had a leucistic quail (a quail with reduced pigmentation, similar to albino coloring) that was frequenting the feeder in my yard. Well, I recently spotted her again, this time with her mate and two natural-colored chicks. Nature is truly amazing.

Also mentioned in my last post were the Peach Faced Love Birds. The couple made a nest in a large Saguaro cactus in the front of my property—nice to see them settling down in this neighborhood. In honor of my new neighbors I’m currently working on a portrait of one of them perched in a Yucca plant. Below is the unfinished work-in-progress, so be sure to check back when it’s completed.

Peach Faced Love Bird - In Progress

Peach Faced Love Bird – In Progress

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