Along Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon winds its way through one of the most beautiful areas in the world—Sedona, Arizona. At the bottom of the narrow canyon is Oak Creek which typically runs all year long in a gentle flow; except during heavy rains or rapid snow melts which can cause it to flood.

There are many sights to see in Sedona such as the beautiful views from nearby red rocks. The climate is usually mild even in winter, but there was a sprinkling of snow when I visited…it is a landscape painter’s heaven. Oak Creek Canyon is also home to some terrific wildlife. I was more interested in the smaller things the area has to offer and I wasn’t disappointed.

I recently spent a leisurely three-day weekend at one of Sedona’s finest resorts…Amara Resort & Spa. The resort nestles right alongside Oak Creek and offers a beautiful, short walking trail next to the creek itself.

Here’s my latest painting of one of Oak Creek Canyon’s simple delights…a squirrel. As I walked along Oak Creek late one afternoon, this little guy showed up to join me, always staying ahead and darting back and forth across the trail. I had brought along some bird seed for some of the creek’s ducks, but didn’t think to bring anything more “squirrel oriented.”

He didn’t seem to mind the lack of food and appeared to be well fed on whatever he was able to gather along the way. Just before I left the trail and returned to the resort, he ran up the side of a nearby tree to say goodbye before scurrying back up the trail. A simple squirrel may not seem too exciting in the world of wildlife painting, but spending time with this busy little friend on a warm afternoon certainly made my day.

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