Studio Redo

While it was never a necessity, a comfortable place to paint has always been at the top of my “wish list”. Early in 2012 that wish came true.

I finally decided that my studio – a part-time den, part-time bedroom, part-time storage area – should be converted into my full-time studio. Unfortunately, my talents don’t include the nuts and bolts of interior design. I had a concept in my mind, and I knew what I wanted to have organized. And, it had to be a comfortable place for my cats as well as me!

So, I enlisted the help of an interior designer to give me some tips in turning my concepts into reality. Suzanne Lasky of S Interior Design in Scottsdale, AZ worked closely with me over the course of about 6 weeks. We basically emptied the old room, knocked out a couple of small room dividers, laid new floor tile to replace the old carpeting, put up some new window treatments, repainted the walls, and installed new furniture and wall-mounted cupboards. Oh yes, we also reupholstered two large cat climbers for my four feline studio mates. Whew, it was a lot of work, but well worth it.

Once completed, I have to say I’m thrilled. The room is airy and full of sunshine. The windows look out on the beautiful Sonoran desert, and my cats have each found their own special places for afternoon naps. It’s a wonderful, serene place to paint that’s all mine, just like I envisioned it. Here are a few photos of the finished result. (Click on a photo to display larger versions).

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